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Lux Capio Photography Agency exists as a search for the world's Truths and to offer them through the lens of a camera. Truth rarely exists on the easily accessible and delivered at your door-step path. Real Truth exists out in the world among the millions of people living day to day in conditions darker than the US yet often with attitudes unforgettably positive. 


For Matt, the photographs and the experiences behind each image captured or documentary they are focused on are the sole purpose and driving force. The presentation and distribution of the work falls far down the list of priorities for each location or documentary they focus on shooting. As such, crucially facilitating the clarity to allow them to maintain their preferred focus and acquire the photographs without the distractions to present them until appropriate situations appear, creation of Lux Capio and the freedom of an independent agency was  the unquestionable route to take. Too often in large agencies, timelines and deadlines for a gallery or publication dictate the schedule.



Matt says "I began with a need to understand the true world outside of any media or word of mouth. I discovered a long time ago that unless someone has actually walked the path themselves, the only way to discover the brilliance of the lands and cultures of the world one must stand there. No exception. I brought photography into this worldly excursion as a way to best capture the moments, emotions, reality as I found it and take that Truth back to those unable to discover for themselves. So many incredible moments exist every second in places you could never imagine. I do my best to put myself in those moments and use photography to walk away from them as concrete instances and perpetually in the present when I show my ever growing portfolio."

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